• Professional carpet cleaner

    Furat Cleaning Service can help you eliminate trapped pollutants. One of the ways to eliminate trapped pollutants is by vacuuming alone which may actually release those pollutants that have collected in your carpet into the air you breathe. Dust mites’ infestations can be cleared out

    They are invisible, but their feces can be a nightmare for those with allergies. They can’t survive high-temperature carpet cleaning. Furat Cleaning Service can also help with Mold growth which can be reduced or prevented. A dirty carpet can be the perfect breeding ground for mold, especially when it is exposed to moisture. The drying tools of professional carpet cleaners can reduce your risk.

    For health reasons alone, go with a pro such as Furat Cleaning Service!  

  • Carpet Cleaning

    • Cleaning of your carpets also helps improve the air quality in your home by removing pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens

  • Always Do This When Cleaning

    Always Do This When Cleaning

    Taking care of cleaning chores around the house is something homeowners have engaged in since houses were invented. Not much thought goes into it other than it just needs done.
    However, some specialized tasks, such as removing a spot from a carpet, getting rid of an irritating pet odor from the family dog or trying to find the best cleaning solution for the toughest jobs can actually end up causing more harm than good.
    Spot removal

     When we find a spot on the carpet, there are two things we tend to do. The first is to put way too much cleaning solution on the spot, saturating it and even getting the padding wet. This just spreads the spot and causes trouble in the future. The second is we tend to scrub way too long and way too hard. This can fray the fibers and you can’t fix that. So when you get a spot, put some solution on a white towel and blot. Never scrub or rub.
    Odor removal
     The biggest question when Fido or Fluffy does their thing on the carpet is “How do I get it out?” That’s not always easy unless you get to it right away. Urine will penetrate into the carpet, the padding and even the subfloor, and when it dries, over time it becomes sticky and smelly. Some will put powdered carpet deodorizers on those spots, which only gums up the carpet and creates a residue very difficult to remove. Like with spot removal, blotting the area quickly is usually the best remedy for the do-it-yourself types.
     Using products
    When one product works well and you find another one works well, too, the tendency is to mix them. Remember, never mix ammonia and bleach. Both are effective products on their own, but mixed together, they become deadly. Other products on your shelf could, if mixed together, create toxic fumes that can cause harm to your family. Always follow directions.
    How can you avoid all these problems and challenges? It’s simple: Call  Furat Cleaning Service today. They’ll be right over to save the day.

  • Office Cleaning

    Furat Cleaning Service offers three levels of cleaning:-

    1 - Restoration

    2 - Maintenace

    3 - Regular Cleaning


  • Office & Commercial Cleaning Service

    Furat Cleaning Service offers Complete Care Package for Office & Commercial . Call 204-952-1488