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My overall experience with Furat Cleaning Service was excellent.  From the moment I met Firas, he made me feel confident that he could improve the look of both our facility carpets and floors at a very competitive price.  Although I was sceptical at first, he proved me wrong.  Our carpets came out beautiful and the floors really came to life.  Thank you Firas for a wonderful job.  I would highly recommend your work.” – Jackie Jonson, Business Manager, Fast Air Jet Centre

Jackie Jonson

Business Manager

FastAir Jet Centre

10 Hangar Line Road

Winnipeg, MB R3J 3Y7

PH    (204) 831-7714

Fax   (204) 831-0878



10/10) The Furat cleaning company came into our business to strip and wax coat our floors. Our floors see a lot of heavy greasy traffic. The guys at Furat cleaning were very friendly and personable.

They are very knowledgeable on how to get any floor back to looking shiny and clean. Their pricing is very reasonable. Over all, they did an awesome job, considering how bad our floors were.

I will be seeing you Mr. Rashed and your staff again in six months. Thank you for your prompt services.


Darin Antle

(204) 233-3566  Ext. 228

Facility and Security


"We are very happy with Furat Cleaning Service, they do an excellent job, making our office sparkle each week. We are a high use facility with children’s programs; Furat cleaners use safe, natural cleaning supplies that have no lasting odor and get rid of even the worst stains and dirt."

Valerie Cavers

Executive Director

397 Carlton St., Winnipeg

Manitoba, R3B 2K9


Office ph: 204-774-7311



"When looking into changing our janitorial services, we received quotes from a handful of companies.  We were most impressed with Furat Cleaning Services because of not only his friendliness, but his extensive knowledge of products and processes.  Since hiring Furat Cleaning Services, we have noticed an great improvement in the cleanliness of our office.  They are responsive to requests, but also proactive, spot cleaning carpet spills before they become a problem.  They are affordable and offer full service cleaning, from windows to carpets so no more added costs!"

Stacey Snell


146 Commercial Drive

Office ph: 204-956-2727

Direct ph: 204-487-5652

Fax ph: 204-477-9421



"Excellent service, excellent work. our office carpet and chairs were cleaned to near perfect condition. we are very pleased with the work and flexibility to accommodate our schedule. Highly recommend"

Dr. Frederick

Meadwood Chiropractor

"Excellent service, very thorough with inspection & cleaning. Very punctual. Highly professional!"

Neelam Balchan

"Our child care space (the Carpet) is so clean and well maintained ! Thank you for the excellent and professional service! Thanks again for Furat Cleaning Service."

“Furat Cleaning Service did a great job cleaning the carpets in my home.  Firas Rashed provided prompt and professional service at a fair price.  I would recommend this company.”




















"Dear Firas and Furat Cleaning Service,

I would like to commend on the great job that you and your company are doing. I came across your company about two years now, and I have been very impressed with your job. You are always thorough and hard working. The extra touch you put on each job you do goes along way. I am happy with you as a customer. Keep up the good work."

Emily M.

Childcare Worker, Mosaic

Newcomer Family Resource Network 

Margaret Treble

Arctic Stock Assessment Biologist

Central & Arctic Region | Région du Centre et de l'Arctique

Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Pêches et Océans Canada

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada


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